Samsung // #DitchTheDSLR

These days everybody’s a photographer, and they make sure you recognize by lugging around a camera the size of microwave around their necks wherever they go. The #DitchDay event was designed to convince tourists in Times Square to exchange their massive DSLR cameras for a smaller Samsung camera that’s just as good.

Samsung DitchDay Exterior

Exterior with camera-lens entrance

Samsung DitchDay Racetrack

Tiny cars raced around a track, and cameras were stationed along the route to test the shutter speed of the NX 30




The NX Mini has sharing capabilities, so the Ellen Selfie booth (with some pretty good look-alikes) was the perfect incentive to snap & share a photo.





The rear of the tent had an observation tower where you could snap photos of nearby landmarks. Pics shared to #DitchTheDSLR were posted on a digital billboard in Times Square.

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